Friday, 16 January 2015

A Poem about Housework

I really do hate housework,
I find it such a chore,
Just the thought of ironing,
Makes me want to snore.

I'd like my house real tidy,
But lack the inclination,
I really have to wonder,
If mine's the messiest in the nation.

On the rare occasion,
That I make the house pristine,
The husband and the kids come home,
And ruin my tidy dream!

And then I must start over,
It makes me want to cry,
I wish we got on better,
My hoover, mop and I!

When anyone wants to visit,
I need notice in advance,
If anyone saw our messy house,
Well...I just can't take the chance! :(

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Poem about Dieting

I'm failing with my diet,
It's just not very fun,
I never seem to lose the weight,
Though a constant rumble in my tum!

I've been so good with what I eat,
And slogging hard in the gym,
But all I lose is sweat and tears,
In my effort to get slim!

I dream about pizza,
With pepperoni and stuffed crust,
But it won't do me any good,
Except increase my bust!

I cannot stop drooling,
When I think of fish and chips,
But all that fatty yumminess,
Will go straight to my hips!

So for now I will keep going,
With diet and exercise,
And maybe in a month or two,
There'll be a reduction in my thighs!

Monday, 12 January 2015

Poem about Chocolate!

Oh, super yummy chocolate,
Why do you taste so good,
The fact that you're delicious,
Means I eat more than I should.

It's a shame you are unhealthy,
It is really so unfair,
If I'm having a disastrous day,
It's nice to know that you're there.

You make me feel so happy,
When you melt inside my mouth,
But I'm afraid you are the reason,
Why my diet's going south!

I've tried to give you up,
But I just don't have the power,
I think about you all the time,
Every second, minute, hour!

Perhaps one day a scientist,
Will make you calorie free,
Then I could eat you all the time,
That'd make me so happy!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

My Greedy Little Dog!

I have this little dog,
He's as greedy as can be,
Every time I'm in the kitchen,
His eyes just follow me.

He thinks whatever I'm making,
I'm making just for him,
He hardly ever gets any,
But he still does not give in!

We feed him healthy dog food,
Which he must think is pants!
As he'd rather go in the garden,
And munch on grass and plants!

He is forever hopeful,
That the next cooked meal's for him,
He occasionally gets some leftovers,
Nothing goes in the bin.

If you happen to drop a crumb,
He's the first one on the scene,
I rarely need to hoover,
As he keeps the carpet clean!

I admire his determination,
He's done this for seven years,
He's either very optimistic,
Or not much between the ears! :)

Friday, 9 January 2015

Hello and Welcome to my Blog!

Hello there, nice to meet you,
Welcome to my blog,
There's lots of things I'll write about,
My life, my loves, my dog!

It is my resolution,
In this brand new year,
To have a lot more laughs and fun,
I do hope to bring some cheer.

Some may think I'm childish,
I care not what they say, 
I just hope my little poems,
Will brighten up your day!

Every time I write a post,
I will do so in a rhyme,
I'll also try to draw some pics,
If I have the time :)
Thank you for your visit,
I hope you like my posts,
Feel free to leave a comment,
Tell me which you like the most!

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