Friday, 9 January 2015

Hello and Welcome to my Blog!

Hello there, nice to meet you,
Welcome to my blog,
There's lots of things I'll write about,
My life, my loves, my dog!

It is my resolution,
In this brand new year,
To have a lot more laughs and fun,
I do hope to bring some cheer.

Some may think I'm childish,
I care not what they say, 
I just hope my little poems,
Will brighten up your day!

Every time I write a post,
I will do so in a rhyme,
I'll also try to draw some pics,
If I have the time :)
Thank you for your visit,
I hope you like my posts,
Feel free to leave a comment,
Tell me which you like the most!

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Thank you for your visit,
I appreciate your time,
Please do leave a comment,
It need not be in rhyme. :)