Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Poem about Dieting

I'm failing with my diet,
It's just not very fun,
I never seem to lose the weight,
Though a constant rumble in my tum!

I've been so good with what I eat,
And slogging hard in the gym,
But all I lose is sweat and tears,
In my effort to get slim!

I dream about pizza,
With pepperoni and stuffed crust,
But it won't do me any good,
Except increase my bust!

I cannot stop drooling,
When I think of fish and chips,
But all that fatty yumminess,
Will go straight to my hips!

So for now I will keep going,
With diet and exercise,
And maybe in a month or two,
There'll be a reduction in my thighs!

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