Saturday, 10 January 2015

My Greedy Little Dog!

I have this little dog,
He's as greedy as can be,
Every time I'm in the kitchen,
His eyes just follow me.

He thinks whatever I'm making,
I'm making just for him,
He hardly ever gets any,
But he still does not give in!

We feed him healthy dog food,
Which he must think is pants!
As he'd rather go in the garden,
And munch on grass and plants!

He is forever hopeful,
That the next cooked meal's for him,
He occasionally gets some leftovers,
Nothing goes in the bin.

If you happen to drop a crumb,
He's the first one on the scene,
I rarely need to hoover,
As he keeps the carpet clean!

I admire his determination,
He's done this for seven years,
He's either very optimistic,
Or not much between the ears! :)

1 comment:

  1. I have a dog just like this! A little Jack Russell, thinks I'm his personal chef, he's ten now so really should know better. Thanks for sharing, really made me smile.


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